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#WWETransformed: 10 Superstar makeovers

#WWETransformed: 10 Superstar makeovers

Let's face it: Regular grapplin' trunks can be kinda, well ... boring.

A big part of what attracts many of us to sports-entertainment is the spectacle of it all. It's why we wait with bated breath to see the new, grandiose WrestleMania set and buzz for weeks about how The Undertaker will make his eye-popping arrival, complete with an outfit that could only be pulled straight out of Death Valley.

With this in mind, we began to wonder what it would look like if Superstars' ensembles were re-imagined to match their larger-than-life characters. What if The Celtic Warrior was much more than Sheamus' nickname? What if Dolph Ziggler dressed up as the girlfriend-stealing playboy he brags to be? What if John Cena didn't just wear jorts?

Inspired by some of our favorite movies, video games and comics, we present to you "WWE Transformed," where we gave nine Superstars (and two twin Divas) illustrated ring gear makeovers that explored these very fantasies. Click through our creations, then tell us which Superstar transformation is your favorite on Twitter with #WWETransformed!

View detailed photos | All illustrations by Paul Ainsworth: See more of Paul's work here

Triple H

Triple H has seemingly written the how-to book on decadent entrance attire, with perhaps his most spectacular presentation taking place at WrestleMania 30. Even though he's The King of Kings, when he's in the ring, he conducts himself more like a ruthless barbarian at war. To that end, we envisioned the kind of outfit that would even strike fear into Thulsa Doom.

#WWETransformed: 10 Superstar makeovers


Kane's masks and outfits have been the stuff of legend, so why mess with a good thing? Building off his classic and arguably most popular design, we took The Devil's Favorite Demon another step deeper into the nine circles of hell. One glance at this monster making his way to the ring is bound to give any opponent a night terror disorder.

#WWETransformed: 10 Superstar makeovers

Brock Lesnar

We get it: Brock Lesnar's MMA style comes from being a former UFC Heavyweight Champion and yes, he could snap our arm with a Kimura Lock just for typing this, but we entertained an idea of The Beast Incarnate as the kind of skull-smashing maniac you only find in the final stages of your hardest video games. Just pray he doesn't drain three-fourths of your energy meter with a stratospheric piledriver.

#WWETransformed: 10 Superstar makeovers

John Cena

If you looked up "jorts" (jean shorts for the uninitiated) in the dictionary, you might find a photo of John Cena staring back at you. However, even the Cenation leader has apparently grown tired of them as he's transitioned to camouflage cargo shorts as his go-to battle gear. Cena's pride and connection with the U.S. military has been clear since day one, so why not indulge the concept of an outfit that goes further than his shorts and signature salute?

#WWETransformed: 10 Superstar makeovers

Bray Wyatt

It's a challenge to think of Bray Wyatt wearing anything that doesn't embody whatever backwoods swamp he calls home. That said, could you imagine if The Eater of Worlds took an even darker turn in his already-sinister sermons and appearance? We're getting chills just thinking about the scriptures that would be contained in the Book of Wyatt.

#WWETransformed: 10 Superstar makeovers


How'd you like to taste my giant hammer, fella? We went all-out in transforming Sheamus into a true Celtic Warrior who looks ready to lead any regiment in a battle for the ages. If you think his Brogue Kick is devastating now, just imagine how much power he'd put behind his warrior boot to the face. Braveheart, eat your heart out.

#WWETransformed: 10 Superstar makeovers

Kofi Kingston

It's no secret that Kofi Kingston is a big fan of comic books, and we figure The Wildcat is due for a makeover of his own, so why not pair his passion with his explosive aerial style? Sporting the vivid color palette of his native Ghana, a masked marvel look for Kingston would give him the superhero flair to match his superhuman feats in the ring.

#WWETransformed: 10 Superstar makeovers

Dolph Ziggler

Seeing Dolph Ziggler with a Diva wrapped around each arm recently on Raw had our imaginations running wild. Although The Showoff has always flaunted his impeccable physique and his girlfriend-stealing panache, we haven't gotten the chance to see him as a playboy from head to toe. Granted, it's a lot harder to pull off those dynamite maneuvers while wearing slacks, but in a lavish ensemble like this, Dolph would most definitely steal the show in more ways than one.

#WWETransformed: 10 Superstar makeovers

The Bella Twins

Brie Bella may no longer be a Diva, but we still reminisce about seeing The Bella Twins dish out fierce beatdowns as a head-turning tandem. (One can only hope Brie somehow finds her way back to WWE again.) Nikki and Brie need to maintain some distinction in their style sensibilities, so we gave them a few tweaks in their New Wave-inspired outfits. We think Grace Jones would approve.

#WWETransformed: 10 Superstar makeovers

Santino Marella

Admittedly, we fleshed out Santino Marella's re-imagined ring gear before he unfortunately announced his in-ring career may be coming to a close. If Santino doesn't hang up his boots, however, maybe the judo expert would like to finally delve into a more serious side of The Cobra. We morphed Marella from a gut-busting funnyman to a butt-kicking ninja with this wardrobe.

#WWETransformed: 10 Superstar makeovers

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