Exclusive: Natalya dishes on ‘Total Divas’ tension

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March 15, 2014

Summer Rae taps out to Natalya's Sharpshooter

WWE.COM: Yikes. Speaking of how you are in everyday life, you’ve gotten used to being on camera constantly. Does it ever get weird when you’re not followed by a TV crew?

NATALYA: It’s kind of weird because I’m so used to them. That’s why they get so much footage of us. The cameras are with us seven days a week, and we forget they’re even there. That’s when you start letting loose and that’s why Season 2 is so good. Things just start flying out of our mouths. I look back at the episodes and I think, “I don’t even remember saying that!” But it happened. It’s when you let your guard down. It’s going to be an interesting ride for the viewers seeing us go through all that.

WWE.COM: What’s your wildest “Total Divas” moment so far?

NATALYA: When I went into “Brie Mode” and accidentally called Stephanie McMahon when I wasn’t supposed to.  I look back on that episode and I can’t believe what I said to her. That’s etched into history now! Thankfully, I didn’t get fired or demoted. But I didn’t get a raise either! So that was a moment where I had to say, “Nattie, you need to settle your damn teakettle.”

WWE.COM: What would “Nattie Mode” be?

NATALYA: I don’t know! Nattie Mode might be a little wilder than Brie Mode because I’d probably throw a couple of snap suplexes in there.

WWE.COM: Sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday night.

NATALYA: [Laughs] Yeah, throw in a couple of snap suplexes, some spinning clotheslines and a Sharpshooter at the end and you’ve got yourself a party.

WWE.COM: Suplexes aside, what can “Total Divas” fans look forward to this season?

NATALYA: This season of “Total Divas” is going to blow up. Last season, I think there were moments when I was still slightly inhibited. I was afraid to do the wrong thing and afraid to come out of my shell and afraid to explode. Now, I’m not afraid to explode. I’m going to be me. People in real life are not happy all the time. We make mistakes. We laugh, we cry, we have conflicts, we screw up at work and we also do great things.

Looking ahead, I’m excited about Brie’s wedding and WrestleMania 30, which is causing a lot of tension between the girls. We all want to be a part of WrestleMania 30, we all want to be Divas Champion, but there’s only one spot. I have a feeling that’s going to be total mayhem. I’m either going to get the claws out or get the tissues.

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