Exclusive: Natalya dishes on ‘Total Divas’ tension

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March 15, 2014

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Natalya on "Total Divas"

To say E!’s “Total Divas” changed Natalya’s life would be an understatement. Since the behind-the-scenes reality series began filming last year, the former Divas Champion’s triumphs and downfalls have been chronicled by an omnipresent camera crew, capturing everything from a grandiose (but drama-filled) wedding to longtime boyfriend Tyson Kidd to the tearful passing of her beloved cat, Gismo.

After Season 1, Natalya is often perceived as one of the more reserved “Total Divas,” leaving the pot-stirring to the outspoken Cameron or the attention-grabbing Eva Marie. However, with the addition of Summer Rae to the Season 2 cast, viewers will get to know a whole new side of Nattie — one that’s not about to let the sashaying newcomer’s brash attitude go unchecked.

Before the return of “Total Divas,” Natalya sat down with WWE.com to sound off on Summer Rae joining the cast and the catfights and chaos the WWE Universe can expect this time around.

WWE.COM: Let’s get right to it. What are your thoughts on Summer Rae joining the cast of “Total Divas”?

NATALYA: I’m always game to work with new girls, and I think it’s great she was chosen to join the cast. I was a new girl once, too! As far as her ability to hang with the “Total Divas,” I don’t think she realizes how irritating she is, and I would rather tell that to her face than say it behind her back. Summer’s the kind of person that would rather talk behind your back. That’s the biggest difference between us.

WWE.COM: What is it about Summer Rae that really drives you crazy?

NATALYA: One of the many issues I have with Summer is that she’s very, very comfortable. She acts like she knows everybody and that she runs the place. I would like to see her, for once, be real. Just because you have a persona on TV doesn’t mean you can bring that same persona to a gas station or a grocery store or a gym. Be real. That’s all I ask.

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WWE.COM: Why do you think you and Summer Rae had an issue with each other right away?

NATALYA: It’s a vibe I get from Summer. I’m not taking away from the hard work she has put in, and I’m not afraid to tell you that I really enjoy competing against her. She’s talented and gorgeous. But it’s everything else that comes along with it. You don’t see Stephanie McMahon sashaying around backstage. She will actually get out of the makeup chair for us Divas to get our makeup done first. What I wish Summer could understand is that we play roles on TV, and those roles are often an extension of who we are in everyday life, but Summer takes it to a whole new level. If Summer’s like this now, I’d hate to see what she’s like [if she becomes] Divas Champion. That’s just asking for trouble! I’ve never had an issue with somebody at work like I’ve had with Summer. And it’s not just me.

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