Point/counterpoint: Should you cheer or boo AJ Lee?

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October 21, 2013

To cheer or not to cheer? That is the question when it comes to AJ Lee, the most polarizing Divas Champion in years.

Few Divas in the history of sports-entertainment have driven the WWE Universe into such a divided reaction. Half of WWE fans love her for her unorthodox style and her unique personality traits (incorrigible, “adorkable” and on occasion outright unyielding), while the other half hates that she’s channeled her talents by physically or verbally eviscerating nearly every fan favorite on the roster over the last two years. CM Punk? Put through a table. John Cena? Jettisoned off a ladder. Natalya, Brie Bella & Naomi? Defamed in the biggest pipe bomb explosion since Punk sat Indian style and started spitting venom at the WWE front office.

Given all of this, it’s strange to even remember a world where AJ wasn’t center stage in the Divas division, but here we are. And now that we are here, WWE Universe, it’s time to pick a side. Here you’ll find a pair of compelling arguments as to how or why you should react to AJ Lee. But we can only recommend, we cannot make the choice for you. You must choose. But choose wisely.

Poll: Should AJ be cheered or booed?

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