Nikki Bella addresses her return from injury

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October 30, 2013

WWE.COM: Did bouncing back from your injury so fast help change your perception in the Divas locker room?

NIKKI: Oh definitely. When you’re a professional athlete and you have passion for whatever sport you’re a part of, you get a hunger and a passion to come back quicker when there’s something worth fighting for. Knowing that my sister was trying to get that Divas Championship and now that AJ Lee has Tamina on her side, it’s given me more fire to come back, be by her side and be strong.

It’s also kept me relevant. Sometimes we get injures and we disappear; it’s like we’re forgotten about. So I definitely have to say that now that there’s something worth fighting for, you get this hunger and it makes you mentally stronger. It’s like, “OK, I’m going to heal, I’m going to come back and I’m going to prove to the world that I’m stronger than ever.”

WWE.COM: Did your “Total Divas” cast mates give you any support while you were out?

NIKKI: They definitely did. You get support, but you do have to think in the back of your head, there are only a few spots, everyone wants TV time. So when people [get hurt], there’s a part of you that thinks, “OK, now we have to step it up, because there’s a spot open.” Other than that, I definitely got support. I still have to say my sister, John Cena, my mom and my grandmother were my biggest supporters. When I was on crutches for eight weeks and traveling on the road I know I wasn’t that fun to be around, because everyone had to carry my [luggage] and my food.

WWE.COM: How much of your recovery will we see on “Total Divas”? What can we expect to see?

NIKKI: You know, what’s funny is you actually don’t get to see too much of the recovery. When I got put on crutches we were a few weeks into filming, and I feel as if you’re not going to see too much of my recovery because they don’t want to date themselves.

I don’t know if it made the show but they came with me one time to physical therapy, and I was doing stuff I’d never done before. It was really cool; I worked on a reformer and anything to strengthen my leg without standing up and putting so much weight on it. It was a really cool process but I don’t think you’re going to get to see too much of that, and I don’t think you’re going to see my days at the WWE Performance Center either because no cameras were there. So you’ll see me do a few things, but you’re not going to see that much.

WWE.COM: If Brie can’t capture the Divas Title from AJ, how soon before you make a run at it?

NIKKI: If Brie can’t do it, well, then older sister Nikki is going to be right there and it’ll be quick, because I’m feeling pretty unstoppable. I have faith that my sister will be able to do it. I think she’s already proven to me she’s better in the ring than AJ. Brie’s just getting better and better. I’ll be shocked if she never takes it away from AJ, but if she doesn’t I’ll be there immediately after, and I’m taking it.

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