WWE.com exclusive interview: Mickie James

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November 15, 2013

WWE.COM: You’ve been away from WWE for a while. What was it like to see everyone again?

MICKIE: It was great. It’s all family at the end of the day. You may not have contact for a little bit, but you try to keep in touch here and there. Even though you don’t see them on a daily basis, it’s still just picking up where you left off with a lot of people. And there are some fresh faces I’ve never met before, or a couple I’ve met here or there at a show. Just to see them here is awesome.

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WWE.COM: Have you kept up with the new Divas?

MICKIE: Yes! I feel like I’ve caught up a lot, or at least I try to keep up with everything because competition is a great thing. I think it tests you, and I’m a very competitive person.

WWE.COM: Are there any Divas you would want to work with, given the chance?

MICKIE: Oh, gosh, yes. I would love to work with Natalya; we only had a couple matches when I was there. I would love to work with AJ Lee, and I think Brie [Bella] has really come a long way since I was in WWE, so I’d love to do some stuff with her.

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