Train like a Diva Champ: Kaitlyn's workout tips

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June 11, 2013

Think you’re as tough as Kaitlyn? Test your fitness with this routine, courtesy of the former Divas Champion herself, Kaitlyn! Sure, she can rattle off “Simpsons” quotes with astounding proficiency, and wax poetic on ironic mustaches, but once the champion and self-professed “Hybrid Diva” steps into a squat rack, the jokes end and this woman is all business.

Kaitlyn's bodybuilding past | "Hybrid Diva" hits the weights

“A 'Hybrid Diva' demands a hybrid training program, so here’s a routine that combines several fitness qualities — power, strength and muscle growth,” says Dan Trink, C.S.C.S. — “Training this way may mean training like a girl — as long as that girl is strong as hell.”

Think you can keep up? Get going!

PS: Before you start, remember: Exercises 3A and 3B are to be performed together as a superset, one right after the other, until the routine is finished.

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