Exclusive interview: Eve Torres on life after WWE

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November 06, 2013

Eve Torres vs. Beth Phoenix

WWE.COM: The Divas division is a very competitive place. Were there any Divas you didn’t see eye-to-eye with?

EVE: Oh yeah. I always wanted to be liked, and I thought that if you were nice to everyone then everyone would like you. That’s not always the case. There were ups and downs, but at the end of the day, I always respected everybody I worked with. There were definitely times that I felt really sad, and frustrated, and not treated right by some of the girls. But I always came out on the other side.

When I think back in general terms about my time in the locker room and my time with the girls, I have a positive feeling about it. Sometimes we all wanted to kill each other, and there was a lot of frustration, a lot of competition and a lot of rumors — there were girls that would spread rumors about me — but you just have to overcome it like any other situation. Now I’m proud of all the girls. I’ve made some great friends. Nattie and Beth [Phoenix] are really good friends of mine, and I’m just proud to see all of these girls doing well.

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WWE.COM: Who else do you keep in touch with these days?

EVE: I still talk to Maryse, who was one of my first in-ring rivalries. AJ and Kaitlyn will send me funny texts every once in a while. I understand that they’ve all got such crazy lives, because I used to live that life. So I never get my feelings hurt that they don’t call me every weekend or anything like that. I know they’re busy doing their thing. And I’m starting my own life too. It’s crazy. I’m actually going to birthday parties, throwing baby showers, all of that real-life stuff.

WWE.COM: AJ has been Divas Champion since June. Did you see that coming?

EVE: Definitely. When I was there, she was gaining so much momentum. AJ’s a Diva that has done so well for herself, been a part of some amazing matches and tied to some pretty important people. Now she gets to represent the division by being the Divas Champ. Whether she’s perceived as good or bad, it doesn’t matter. It helps elevate the entire division when somebody people care about is on top.

Eve TorresWWE.COM: Since you’re close with Natalya, what do you think of her starring role on E!’s “Total Divas”?

EVE: I haven’t seen every episode, but I have seen most of them. I’m just really happy for everybody who’s in it. It’s funny. The whole time I was in WWE, I was like, “We need a reality show,” because the stuff that goes down is just crazy. Now, it has happened. I think the girls that are on it are great for the show, because they’re all funny or entertaining or they’ve got drama going on. It’s fun to watch. For the first time, the world is getting to know the Divas for what they really are and what they can do, which is pretty awesome. It has never really happened before.

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And with Nattie, I’m so happy that she has had this opportunity. She has had a lot of struggles in her career, and WWE and wrestling as a whole mean so much to her, as somebody whose family has been a part of it for so long. I’m happy to see her reaping the benefits of it.

WWE.COM: Do you wish you had been on the cast of “Total Divas”?

EVE: To be honest, I knew about the show when I left. Had it happened while I was there, it would have been great, but I knew the timing was right where I had to move on with my life.

WWE.COM: How would “Total Divas” be different if you were on it?

EVE: I’d probably be the boring one. There’s no “Eve Mode,” that’s for sure. I’d be in the background drinking vegetable juice. 

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