Diva Q&A: AJ Lee on getting out of the "Friend Zone"

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June 11, 2013

4: Casually hold her hand

Put your most chivalrous foot forward when you’re both walking through a crowded room and gently take her hand and lead her through it. “If there’s receptivity and she doesn’t let go right away, keep moving forward,” says Rosalind. “You have to make moves that are more date-like, and if she wants a relationship to happen, she’ll hold on to your hand.” From there, try other subtle gestures, such as touching her knee when you sit down, or putting your arm around her waist.

  • AJ says: “Holding hands is my style. It’s innocent, not too forward and leaves a bit of intrigue. Take it slow, and if she likes you, she’ll soon be dying for you to take the next step and make out with her!

5: Invite her out as your "date"

Next time you need a plus-one, be it for a dinner you don’t want to attend solo or — if you’re bold — a wedding, ask her to be your guest and see how she responds to being called your “date.” Sedacca insists: “This is a perfect way to feel out the next level and see how she responds around your friends and family.” Positive things to note are if she’s smiling around you and happy to meet your nearest and dearest. Reconsider your push, however, if she’s acting like a wallflower and pulling away when you move too close.

  • AJ says: “This is a much bigger step than holding hands, and a great test to see how she handles social girlfriend-like situations. But only attempt this if she’s been happy with your other advances so far.”
6: Let the plan come together

If you feel that you’re getting the green light from your girl, then it means she’s both comfortable and happy with this transition from friendship to relationship. But Sedacca suggests you hold off on the “girlfriend” talk for now: “Don’t have that conversation just yet, but instead, keep taking the next step. Continue asking her out next weekend and holding her hand, and through all these steps, a relationship will happen naturally.”

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