WWE.com dating Q&A: The Bella Twins

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August 08, 2013

WWE.COM: Have the E! cameras been catching you guys at the right place, right time with Cena and Bryan, or is this what life is really like for you?

NIKKI: Definitely this is what life is like for us. The E! cameras have caught us at the right place, right time, but there are times when you wish they weren’t there. As you will see later on in the season, we have some tough moments that you just don’t want the world to see. Of course, I love that they got the lovey-dovey stuff, but there’s moments with my family that I wish they didn’t get.

BRIE: Ditto.

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WWE.COM: Any advice for us mere mortals on the ideal conversation-starter for a Bella Twin-caliber woman?

NIKKI: I would say either a funny joke or something sarcastic, because it’d make me stop and go “What?” and then have a good laugh, or have something sarcastic to say.

BRIE: This is exactly how Bryan got me: You just come up and start talking hippie language with me. Talk about the environment, world peace, and you have my full attention.

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WWE.COM: What’s the first thing you see in a man and the one thing you couldn’t care less about?

NIKKI: The first thing I see in a man is his smile. I feel how they smile shows how genuine they are and if they have a good personality. The one thing I couldn’t care less about is if they are wealthy or poor.

BRIE: The first thing I see is how he treats people – strangers, animals, his friends and family. I definitely don’t see what people do for a living. I feel that doesn’t define you as a human being; who you are defines you. I couldn’t care less about what you do.

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