Alicia Fox presents: The Do's and Don'ts of a first date

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June 21, 2013

So we’ve covered the basics of what not to do. Now, Miss Fox and a made-over Zack Ryder give you the skinny on how to look your best for your big night out.

ON THE BUTTON: “Button-downs are clean-cut, and because they’re classic, unlike a tee, you can rock as loud a color as you want and still look neat. I love crazy colored button-downs, like Zack’s purple one, combined with a gingham, plaid or striped pattern!”

… SPIKE YOUR HAIR: “What a difference a little styling gel makes! Zack’s new hairdo really opens up his face. It lets all the girls see his handsome features…and isn’t the fun of dating a good-looking man getting to stare at his face all night?”

ACCESSORIZE TO HARMONIZE: “A+ on the belt and watch combination. The big-faced leather watch is so 2011—compared to the chain. It’s a simple accessory that complements the outfi t without looking like he’s trying.”

WINDBREAKING=BREATHTAKING: “This is such a step up from his hoodie! Zack’s jacket is sleek but adventurous, and the perfect balance between formal and casual. It’s much more understandable for a first date, wherever he goes.”

SKY’S OUT, THIGHS OUT: “Zack’s narrower-fit jeans are so sexy. They make him look much more put together, and show off his toned legs. Never go too tight, though. Keep pants fitted comfortably and you’ll be fine.”

SHOES MAKE THE MAN: “You can always tell a good man by his shoes. Men may not always be able to match their clothes, but the shoes always have to be sharp. A good men’s boot rocks my world any day.”

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