Alicia Fox presents: The Do's and Don'ts of online dating

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June 11, 2013

Some pretty solid advice from Miss Fox. But some students learn harder than others, and to prevent any prospective pupils from dooming their efforts before they begin, here's some handy advice on what not to do when pursuing love on the Web.

1. “Using clichés or quoting movies shows a complete lack of originality. Be yourself, use proper grammar, and always, always spell-check!”

  • Example: "So I’m totally new to this, and I can’t believe I joined an online dating site, but here are the basics. I’m funny, smrat and ridiculously good-looking. (Tell me u’ve seen Zoolander, please!) Just kidding, LOL."
2.  “Admitting you’re a single loser right off the bat will get you zero hits. And nothing is a bigger turn-off than a desperate man. So act chill and women will feed off the positive energy."
  • Example: "The truth is, all my friends are getting married and it sucks being the last single guy left. So time to grow up and settle!"
3. “Be careful of revealing confidential info! You don’t know what kind of online stalkers there are. Talk about yourself, but don’t cut and paste your résumé.”
  • Example: "FYI, ladies. In college, I was my school’s D2 star linebacker (Class of ’05 MVP at Bridgeport University, look me up) and I still play with the guys every Sun."
4.  “Photos are the most important part of your profile, but there are some definite don’ts. Need a list?
  1. Don’t take a pic in the mirror — especially shirtless. Never bare anything I wouldn’t see on a first date!
  2. Second: Never, ever post a photo of you with another girl — pose with a group of friends, your boys or family, or you’ll risk looking like a player.”
  3. Third, and this is key: Silly photos of you are great; photos of you acting stupid and drunk are irritatingly unattractive.”
  • Examples omitted to protect the guilty.
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