5 examples why there's no room for love in WWE

Kiss-stealing from The First Lady of Wrestling? Madness!

Ric Flair was never afraid to twist an emotional knife into his rival's side if it helped him gain an edge. When it came to dealing with "Macho Man" Randy Savage in 1992, The "Nature Boy" knew exactly who would help him do just that: Savage's wife, the lovely Miss Elizabeth.

Leading into their WWE Title Match at WrestleMania VIII, Flair boasted to Savage that "she was mine before she was yours," alleging that he dated Macho Man's sweetheart before Savage even met her. Going so far as to publicize doctored photos of himself canoodling with Miss Elizabeth, "The Dirtiest Player in the Game" lived up his moniker and attempted to soil the image of WWE's pristine princess just so he could get under Savage's skin.

In the end, Savage won the WWE Championship and got the best of Flair, but not before "Slick Ric" vengefully planted his lips on Miss Elizabeth's, igniting a red-hot brawl that required multiple officials to contain backstage. It would appear that the key to unleashing "Macho Man's" madness was also the key to his heart.