Why do big Superstars like to boogie?

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February 08, 2013

However, once the bell rang, the so-called “Funkasaurus” proved to Hawkins and every Superstar watching that he may like to bust a move, but he is certainly a formidable competitor. The 375-pound Clay was agile and powerful, and decisively earned a victory over Hawkins. Following his first victory, the large Superstar once again delighted the WWE Universe by showing off his funky side.

As proven by Tensai’s newfound proclivity to boogie, Clay is definitely not the first Superstar behemoth to “get their groove on” before, after or even during a match.

PN News, Dusty Rhodes, Akeem, Mabel, Golga and Rikishi are just a handful of larger WWE Superstars of the past who were known to break out into dance with or without their own unique musical accompaniment. But make no mistake —  just because these bigger brutes liked to boogie, that did not mean they weren’t skilled competitors and did not get down to business when necessary. (WATCH AKEEM'S DANCING DEBUT)

A prime example of this came during the Royal Rumble Match in 2000. With all the entrants eliminated except for Rikishi and Too Cool, the trio performed their trademark dance for the enjoyment of the WWE Universe. However, once the dance number was complete, Rikishi got back to business and flattened his enemies in ring corners.

Given this history, there is no doubt a question of what compels these larger-than-life ring warriors to embrace their fancy footwork on the dance floor to complement their abilities in the squared circle.

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