Editors' debate: Who should be the face of WWE?

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November 22, 2013

Big Show

The face of WWE has to be more than just a “leading man.” The role demands a larger-than-life persona, a Superstar of pure intimidation whose very presence dares his opponent to take one step into the ring. It requires a charisma that will captivate the world and a longstanding history to support his legitimacy. In short, the face of WWE must be The World’s Largest Athlete, Big Show.

Associated with the company since 1999, the former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion is one of only three Superstars to hold every active title in WWE. And even if he hadn’t captured a single one of them, there isn’t a grappler in his right mind who wouldn’t think twice before going head-to-head with this gigantic force of nature.

By their own admission, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon view Big Show as a locker room leader. Ironically, it is that quality that has made him one of the largest points of opposition to The Authority’s rule. Big Show has also proven his leadership to the community at large, taking giant steps beyond the squared circle to represent WWE as a spokesman and dignitary from Be a STAR rallies to the bold new Hire Heroes initiative.

The colossal competitor’s ability to entertain is simply enormous, as he has tackled a number of television and film roles from USA shows like “Royal Pains” and “Burn Notice” to feature films like “Knucklehead” and “The Waterboy.”

It goes without saying that, before the bell even rings to begin any number of his historic matches, the WWE Universe will clamor just to get a look at WWE’s honest-to-God giant. He is a true attraction that makes both the crowd and the locker room stand up and take notice. He is the face of WWE. — MICHAEL BURDICK

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