Editors' debate: Who should be the face of WWE?

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November 22, 2013

CM Punk

Once a generation, a man comes along that changes people’s idea of what a wrestler should be. In the 1950s, the industry was filled with burly carnies clad in wool tights until Gorgeous George infused wrestling with a little glamour. Hulk Hogan helped turn WWE into a rock ‘n’ wrestling extravaganza, matching the excess of the 1980s.

No Superstar reflects today’s culture better than CM Punk. The Straight Edge Superstar grew up in Chicago’s punk music scene, where a do-it-yourself ethic was necessary to get noticed. Punk has applied that DIY mentality to everything he has done since. Heading out across the country to whatever independent wrestling show would book him, he made everyone recognize his talent as one of the best wrestlers in the world. It became a matter of not if, but when CM Punk would become a WWE Superstar.

He made it to WWE and forced his way onto the main roster. When things weren’t quite going his way, Punk made his own destiny by dropping a pipe bomb, winning the WWE Title and walking out on the company. Refusing to bow to corporate suits has made Punk heroic in the eyes of the locker room and the WWE Universe. He returned triumphantly to claim his spot as “Best in the World,” and went on to an epic 434-day reign as WWE Champion. Punk went from the mosh pits of dingy basement shows to the top of sports-entertainment, and he did it on his own terms.

He may be extremely outspoken, he might have a few too many tattoos, but CM Punk is the Superstar that best personifies a changing world. In a climate where the masses are beginning to challenge authority and take matters into their own hands, Punk is the kind of Superstar that WWE needs as its face. — BOBBY MELOK

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