Who is the next WWE Champion?

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November 10, 2013

Bray Wyatt

“We’re here.”

Since the menacing Bray Wyatt and his followers first materialized out of my recurring night terrors and appeared on the WWE landscape, no Superstar – from Kane to The Miz, from CM Punk to Daniel Bryan – has been safe from The Wyatt Family’s path of destruction.

With the massive Erick Rowan and Luke Harper following their enigmatic leader with brutal fervor, these newcomers are primed to continue turning WWE upside-down, a mission which could carry the self-proclaimed “Eater of Worlds” to the very top of the WWE mountain. 

As the unquestioned shepherd of his flock, Wyatt has proven that, in addition to his sinister charisma, he’s a dominant force in the ring. At a rough-and-ready 6’3’’, 285-lbs, the sermonizing Superstar boasts rare athleticism and agility for such a physically imposing competitor, moving like a man half his size.

Wyatt gets the most out of these substantial natural gifts with rock-solid technique, and an arsenal loaded with both power and finesse moves. His devastating finishing move, Sister Abigail, is dangerous enough to keep Superstars wide awake at night – or put them to sleep in the ring.

Thus far, no one in WWE has shown the ability to slow the runaway train that is The Wyatt Family. With a few more statement wins over top contenders, Bray could – and should – quickly find himself in the WWE Title hunt. Once he gains that opportunity, I can’t imagine anyone denying the Superstar who looks like something straight out of a horror movie.

As the list of unfortunate Superstars who have “followed the buzzards” continues to grow, it becomes more and more apparent that the path for “The Man of 1,000 Truths” is leading him to the top of WWE and the most prestigious title in sports-entertainment. Bray Wyatt and his family are here, indeed. — JAKE GRATE

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