'WWE '13': 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin speaks, part one

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December 19, 2012

WWE.COM: What did Bruno Sammartino say about you?

AUSTIN: Oh it was just a thing, you know, when someone brought my name up in an interview, he just kinda — I guess the obscenities that came out of my mouth were a little too much for him, and he just turned it off. And again, it was a totally different interview, but it would have been interesting to work with a cat like that, Bruno Sammartino.

I guarantee ya — he would have been chasing his tongue around because he would’ve been tired working with me. I’d give him everything I had and a little bit more.

Like I said, I’ve got a lot of respect for Bruno Sammartino, and I say [the above] in a competitive manner.

WWE.COM: The Attitude Era certainly stretched the boundaries of what was acceptable on live TV. Was there ever a moment that you thought went too far, or that you looked at and said, “I can’t believe we got away with that”? 

AUSTIN: No, no. I said, “a**,” “hell yeah” — stuff like that. And “a**” is about every other word that came out of my mouth back then, as it is in my current life. I happen to love that word. There is nothing I ever said that pushed the envelope too far from a language parameter.

You look at the time when Bret Hart flipped out and said, this is garbage. Everybody back in that dressing room knows that promo when he pushed Vince on his a** was further than anywhere I ever went within a language — I never went there.

Man, I thought that my stuff was straight-up, grade-A, saying words you could get away with saying. Don’t get me wrong, I could say those words and someone else could say them, and they’re going to mean two different things. I had a lot of intensity; a lot of my delivery was such that you sure took what I said seriously. And I could make you laugh if I wanted to, as well.

I could start rambling about promos and how I talk, but it is what it is, it was what it was. Let me streamline my answer — I never said anything that I thought was pushing the envelope too far.

WWE.COM: On the flip side, was there ever something you wanted to do — either verbally or from a creative standpoint — but weren’t allowed to do?

AUSTIN: No. No, man, you know, when I started flipping people off, Vince asked me to kind of rein that in a little bit and I said no, and that’s when we really started cashing in. We did exactly what we wanted to do, and I thought it was all in good taste.

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