What's new in "WWE '13": an exclusive interview with Cory Ledesma, Creative Director, WWE Games

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August 15, 2012

"WWE Live" and "Spectacular Moments"

In advance of THQ's highly anticipated roster reveal at SummerSlam Axxess Saturday, Aug. 18, and the forthcoming release of WWE '13 on Oct. 30, WWE.com presents an exclusive interview with THQ's Cory Ledesma, the creative director on the WWE Games team, about what you can expect from this year's revolutionary video game release. (NEW SCREENSHOTS AND INSIDE THQ PHOTOS)

WWE.COM: What is the biggest difference between this year’s game and last year’s, in terms of gameplay?

CORY LEDESMA: We are embarking on our second year utilizing Predator Technology™. This new technology is so powerful that we’ve only just started tapping into its full potential. "WWE ’13" continues to build upon the foundation created last year, and we are proud to report that gameplay is even more responsive, fluid and engaging than ever before. Fans of the series can expect to see the smoothest gameplay experience ever in "WWE ’13."

WWE.COM: What is "WWE Live"? How does it enhance "WWE '13"?

LEDESMA: "WWE Live" is a complete audio and presentation experience that we are creating in "WWE ’13." It’s an experience fans have never seen or heard before in a WWE game. Our new "Spectacular Moments" allows gamers to recreate some of the most awe-inspiring moments ever seen in a WWE ring, such as when Big Show superplexed Mark Henry at WWE Vengeance last year, causing the entire ring to collapse. Other examples are when Mark Henry slammed Sheamus right through the crowd barrier at SummerSlam — also last year — and even when The Undertaker famously sent Mankind flying off the top of the Hell in a Cell cage and through the announcer table back in 1998. All these "Spectacular Moments" are also backed up with a new audio experience that makes you feel as if you are at a raucous, live WWE event — hence the name "WWE Live"!

WWE.COM: Let's talk about the audio in "WWE '13." Can you elaborate on what's new?

LEDESMA: We are overhauling our audio systems in "WWE ’13" and introducing several new sound effects, crowd sounds and commentary calls. The objective was to make this the best and most authentic sounding WWE game ever. Many of the new sounds that we are implementing in the game come directly from WWE television, making the audio experience truly authentic. Improving the audio experience in WWE Games is an investment we’re not only making for "WWE ’13," but also continuing into the future. With roughly 30,000 lines of commentary, "WWE ’13" is bursting at the seams with new audio content. Over the next three years, the goal is to have a world-class audio experience.

WWE.COM: "WWE '13" uses the Predator Tech 2.0 engine, which brings a lot of advancements. What changes took place to make this your smoothest gameplay ever?

LEDESMA: We’ve continued enhancing the animation system by introducing several new features, such as contextual animations, weight detection and automatic attack homing. We’ve also added more than 300 new moves to the game. All of these new advancements to the animation engine help create a smoother and more satisfying game experience. The contextual animation system dynamically swaps out moves to always ensure the game is playing the appropriate move animations at any given time and in any given state. The new weight detection system prevents smaller WWE Superstars from lifting up the giants of WWE by dynamically swapping out their lift moves for more appropriate attacks. The automatic attack homing system helps make "WWE ’13" the most responsive game experience to date. When performing any strike, grapple, dive attack or springboard in the game, the homing system will ensure you always hit your intended target with laser precision. The homing system can also track surrounding tables, allowing you to perform ladder grapple attacks that heat-seek the nearest table for ultimate destruction.

WWE.COM: The "Spectacular Moments" feature sounds really cool. What did the team do to make these moments feel epic?

LEDESMA: The actual moments inspired from the great athletes in WWE are already so epic in their own right; our goal was to be as close to matching what you see on television to what you see in "WWE ’13." We’ve spent a lot of time emulating the same great camera angles you will find on WWE television. We’ve also recorded brand-new commentary lines from Michael Cole, Jerry "The King" Lawler and Jim Ross that are specific to "Spectacular Moments." The commentators were able to watch the in-game moments in the recording studio and then ad-lib their own commentary lines to the action, which really gives the moments a truly authentic feel. Lastly, we made sure the crowds erupt in excitement once these amazing moments are pulled off, so you can feel the frenzied atmosphere of a live WWE crowd.

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