Bret Hart talks Attitude Era, "WWE '13"

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November 13, 2012

WWE.COM: With the release of “WWE ’13,” can you talk about how video games have changed since the first one you appeared in?

BRET HART: The games have gotten progressively better every year since they started coming out, and the thing about wrestling today is you can actually play these games and build your match much like the way wrestlers do with the psychology behind them.

In “WWE ’13,” you can actually incorporate that into the game. If you want to  punish a guy’s back or his leg, you can do that kind of stuff. You can do almost any move. There’s a lot of legitimate ring psychology wrestling fans and novices can apply to the game. I think that just adds to the realism of the game. Every time you play these games, they get more and more real.

Sometimes that’s more fun than watching wrestling — playing the game, doing your own stuff. I find that’s the beauty of video games — everything’s getting more lifelike and THQ tries to improve on it every year.

WWE.COM: Since The Attitude Era is such a huge part of “WWE ’13,” is there anything specific you feel THQ does to capture the essence of that time?

BRET HART: I think they capture the whole emotion [of the time]. There was a lot of energy in The Attitude Era, where a lot of the great wrestlers that are in “WWE ’13” were in their prime. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels and even myself. I know for a fact I had the best matches of my career in 1997, so I think that’s what you look for in the game — to bring back that whole nostalgia of what that era was and how we were all firm believers in our own directions and destiny.

It was uncharted waters back then, and we were all really stepping up. I think you look at all of us, from Shawn, Triple H, Undertaker — we all progressed starting from that period.

Something happened in 1997 that changed the whole industry at least for the next five, six or seven years. It wasn’t about the 24-inch arms and the cartoon characters anymore. It was about the wrestling and what we were doing in the ring, physically.

Relive all The Attitude Era action by playing as Bret “Hit Man” Hart in “WWE ’13,” on shelves now! And be on the lookout for Bret Harts upcoming DVD!

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