Editors’ choice: 9 Superstars we’re not embarrassed to admit we love

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March 17, 2014

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We’ve all had those unexpected instances of vulnerability, when you express fondness for something — a song, a sitcom, a Superstar — that you just assume everyone else already loves, too. With the foregone conclusion that your opinion is held universally, you state it freely, without a second thought.

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Then reality sets in, and you notice your declaration is greeted by blank stares, condescending tones or worse, false empathy. Your taste on everything is questioned going forward, and suddenly your friends, family and colleagues — now painfully aware that you think t.a.T.u. is a “pretty solid group” — begin acting differently around you.

Well, not here, not now. Join the editorial staff at WWE.com as we dig in our heels and proudly proclaim our affection for those Superstars we loved … even if nobody else seemed to.

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