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WWE corrects inaccurate statement regarding WWE content and programming by Chris Powell, Managing Editor of The Journal Inquirer and The Register Citizen

Inaccurate Statement Regarding WWE Content and Programming:

“Maybe in time Connecticut will consider the pornography and mock violence of the wrestling business…”
Chris Powell, Managing Editor, The Register Citizen and Journal Inquirer, January 28, 2012

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WWE Letter in Response to False Statement:

Dear Mr. Powell:

We are writing regarding your column that appeared in the Journal Inquirer and The Register Citizen on January 28, 2012, where you state, “maybe in time Connecticut will consider the pornography and mock violence of the wrestling business.…”

Although this was an opinion piece, your position as managing editor of the Journal Inquirer would ethically require you to report the facts accurately and not distort the truth.  For future editorials and news stories that may pertain to WWE, we wanted to reiterate the facts to you so you clearly understand our programming content and the type of entertainment we provide to our more than 300,000 fans in the State of Connecticut.

All WWE television programming features only TV-PG content as rated not by us, but by the network TV distributors and their standards and practices departments.  WWE weekly programming has always appeared on basic cable or broadcast television.  As any casual television viewer knows, your description of our programming, based on the Federal Communications Commission rules alone, would not be permitted on free television or basic cable.  To exemplify WWE’s TV-PG brand, children’s favorite “The Muppets” recently made special guest star appearances on “Monday Night Raw,” which airs on USA Network, and on our annual holiday special, “Tribute to the Troops,” which aired on NBC.


Robert Zimmerman
Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications, WWE

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