Who will join The Rock's 'G.I. Joe' squad?

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March 29, 2013

At ease, troops! In our first round of voting, you chose Randy Orton to join The Rock’s Superstar “G.I. Joe” squad, and I don’t blame ya. After all, who better than The Viper to make those Cobra pukes slither back to their nests?

We’ve still got two team members to go, and since Momma Slaughter raised me right, it’s ladies first! We’re gonna need a Diva that not only has beauty and strength, but also brains … the kind of smarts The Rock needed when he challenged “The Cerebral Assassin,” Triple H, for the WWE Championship at Backlash 2000.

With his cornerman “Stone Cold” Steve Austin nowhere in sight for most of the match, The Brahma Bull needed to keep his head on a swivel and his wits sharp, not only going up against The Game and special guest referee Shane McMahon, but also The Chairman and his “stooges.”  In the end, thanks to some craftiness and an equalizer in the form of The Texas Rattlesnake, The Rock scored the pin and the WWE Title.

Since you all know that “knowing is half the battle” — or at least you SHOULD know by now — it’s time to choose the brains of The Rock’s top-secret “G.I. Joe” operation. So who’s it gonna be? Vote for the most cunning Diva on the roster, then come back next week to find out who made the cut. AND THAT’S AN ORDER!


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