Rey Mysterio's last stand: The luchador on his injury, his return and the possibility of retirement

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October 16, 2013

WWE.COM: What does that entail?

MYSTERIOWhat they do is they extract blood from the bone marrow, where your body reproduces it. Then, they inject it with two other ingredients directly into my left knee, into the joint. That way, blood cells can activate and manipulate in a way that they start working so there’s more blood flow. Hopefully, because medicine and these types of procedures are fairly new, within time, I’m hoping to regrow cartilage.

WWE.COM: What’s your rehab been like?

MYSTERIOI’ve been working on strengthening my quads and hamstrings. Also a bit of plyometrics, but the focus has mainly been on my quads, trying to get them strong enough to withstand all the action that I do in the ring.

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WWE.COM: You recently tweeted that you visited the WWE Performance Center during your rehab. Did you get in the ring?

MYSTERIOYes, I had the chance to go in the ring a couple of times. It’s an incredible place, definitely the top training center that I have been in.

WWE.COM: What did it feel like getting back in the ring after being out for so long?

MYSTERIOIt always comes back to conditioning. No matter how much cardio you do —  running or biking or whatever — it’s never the same as being in the ring. That was the first thing I felt. 

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