Rey Mysterio's last stand: The luchador on his injury, his return and the possibility of retirement

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October 16, 2013

Rey Mysterio hasn’t competed in a WWE ring since Feb. 4, 2013. After a hard-fought battle against Daniel Bryan, The Master of the 619 was on the receiving end of a vicious attack from Mark Henry that aggravated a lingering knee injury, leaving the masked marvel with no choice but to take time away from the squared circle to recuperate. Mysterio surprised the WWE Universe on Sept. 22, when he made a special appearance at a Live Event in Hidalgo, Texas, to give an update on his recovery. WWE fans were shocked as Mysterio, supporting himself with a crutch, said he was aiming to come back to the ring on Oct. 16, when WWE hits Querétaro, Mexico. With rumors of his return swirling around, spoke with The Ultimate Underdog to talk about his injuries, his journey back to the ring and whether this will be Mysterio’s last stand.

WWE.COM: Can you describe the injury that’s kept you out of the ring?

REY MYSTERIO: What’s slowed me down in my career are [anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)] tears in my left knee. After the first one in 1997, they started happening one after another. We’ve used everything we could in terms of re-attaching my ACL [with ligaments from] my body. Now, we’ve gone into cadavers to reattach them. That’s what’s slowed me down, my left knee. My right one, knock on wood, is all good. The rest of my body, thank God, is all good.

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WWE.COM: Did you have surgery this time?

MYSTERIO: No, 2011 was my last surgery. What they did was they repaired the ACL and the [posterior cruciate ligament]. That’s when they realized that the inner part of my knee had no more cartilage. So, the inner part of my left knee is bone on bone, arthritic.

WWE.COM: So what led you to Dr. James Andrews?

MYSTERIO: I came back a little too soon. I came back at SummerSlam 2012 and wrestled through January 2013. The knee just gave out on me again. That’s when I went to go see him. We tried a new approach, which was stem cell treatment. 

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