Exclusive interview: Backstage with WWE's broadcasting beauty Renee Young

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January 09, 2014

WWE.COM: So it was an easy transition to go from The Score to WWE?

RENEE: I really wanted to come work in America. There are not a lot of places to work in Canada. It’s very, very limiting. My agent in Los Angeles helped get the ball rolling to land somewhere here. I knew WWE was looking for broadcasters. They flew me down. It was a very last-minute thing. I called in sick to work that day, caught a flight to New York, drove to Stamford, flew back home and carried on doing all my daily shows until the paperwork was done and I could come work here.

WWE.COM: What’s the vibe like being a female interviewer in a backstage environment that is predominantly male?

RENEE: I have never really thought of myself that way. Obviously, I think of myself as a woman, but I just try to be like everyone else. I don’t blend in, but I don’t think of myself as a woman in a man’s world. I’ve been a woman working in a man’s world since day one of working as a professional in this field. It works to my advantage, though. It makes people feel comfortable and there’s an ease about it where I’m not just acting as “the pretty girl.” There’s lots of Superstars around here who are massive, large men, and sometimes they get in my face and scream at me — ahem … Paul Heyman — but it’s fun and cool. It hasn’t been done in a long time with someone that has brought in specifically to be a broadcaster rather than having a Diva transitioning into that role. It’s a unique position to be in.

WWE.COM: Who have you been able to learn from since coming here?

RENEE: JBL and Michael Cole have been great with taking me under their wing and teaching me the ropes. I work with “Mean” Gene Okerlund back in the studio in Stamford. To have a bit of insight from “Mean” Gene — who is the best interviewer WWE has ever had — if I can take a small grain of knowledge from what he has been able to do and put it into my work, that would be a step in the right direction.

WWE.COM: What’s it been like transitioning from doing backstage interviewing to doing a bit of commentary?

RENEE: I was doing color commentary down at NXT, and it’s been a really great opportunity for me to tap into my hosting background, using my brain and thinking on my feet. Being clever with it is awesome for me. I love being able to do that. I would love to be the first female to do color commentary for this company. That would be a cool thing to do. I would love to be the girl to take on that role.

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