Raw's Hollywood Heavyweights

#25 Ashton Kutcher

The former model and gossip rag mainstay hosted Raw in May 2010, and the frequent tweeter engaged in a heated war of words online with the cocky and obnoxious Zack Ryder . Long Island Iced-Z, also popular on Twitter, learned that Ashton was preparing to put a hit out on him.

Anxious to know who would be stalking him around the arena, Ryder stormed to the ring with his flame Alicia Fox. When Jerry Lawler approached the ring with a steel chair, it seemed as if Kutcher’s secret weapon might be “The King.” But the “Dude, Where’s My Car?” star appeared on the TitanTron, announcing it wasn’t Lawler, and it wasn’t The Great Khali, who also ventured to the ringside area. Finally, Alicia nailed Ryder with a scissor kick and revealed the bounty hunter had been right by Zack’s side all along. Kutcher applauded his plot, and Ryder laid on the canvas having been "punk’d" by the best in the biz. (WATCH)