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Which of these SummerSlam memories is the most unforgettable?
The Ultimate Warrior decimates Intercontinental Champion The Honky Tonk Man (1988)
Virgil defeats The Million Dollar Man (1991)
The Mountie spends a night in jail (1991)
Jake Roberts & The Undertaker crash Randy Savage & Miss Elizabeth's wedding reception (1991)
Tatanka sells out to The Million Dollar Man (1994)
Leslie Nielsen tries to solve The Case of the Two Undertakers (1994)
Barry Horowitz gets a win on pay-per-view (1995)
Yokozuna breaks the top rope while attempting the Banzai Drop (1996)
The Boiler Room Brawl debuts (1996)
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin fractures his neck (1997)
SummerSlam hosts Lion's Den Matches (1998 and 1999)
The Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match debuts (2000)
Steve Blackman knocks Shane McMahon off the entrance stage (2000)
The Undertaker chokeslams Edge through the ring (2008)
Daniel Bryan is revealed as the seventh member of Team WWE (2010)
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