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What is your favorite 2013 mic moment?
AJ Lee: “I have saved your Divas division. I have shattered glass ceilings.”
Paul Heyman: “I’m cold-hearted. And I’m calculated. And I’m in control.”
Dean Ambrose: “You’re not just a Superstar. You’re a philosophy.”
Mark Henry: “Baby, I’m coming home!”
John Cena: "I don't change for no one."
Zeb Colter: “I’ve walked these filthy streets of New York.”
CM Punk: “Your arms are just too short to box with God.”
Dusty Rhodes: “You reach down because of the love of your children.”
Shawn Michaels: “For the love of God, I am Shawn Michaels!”
Bray Wyatt: “There ain’t no such thing as a hero.”
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