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What was the most extreme moment in the history of WWE's Extreme Rules event?
Edge and Jeff Hardy fly off one ladder and plunge through another (2009)
Tommy Dreamer breaks a crutch over Jack Swagger's head en route to capturing the ECW Title (2009)
Chris Jericho removes Rey Mysterio's mask mid-match (2009)
Sheamus Brogue Kicks Triple H four times in a single match (2010)
Chris Jericho connects with a springboard Codebreaker against Edge in a cage (2010)
John Cena AAs Batista off steel steps and through a table (2010)
From the top turnbuckle, Kofi Kingston hits a super Boom Drop onto Sheamus, through a table (2011)
Rey Mysterio and Cody Rhodes brawl in the concession stand during their Falls Count Anywhere Match (2011)
Against Christian, Alberto Del Rio misses a senton splash and lands on a ladder bridged between the ring and a table (2011)
Randy Orton RKOs CM Punk off the top rope in a Last Man Standing Match (2011)
John Morrison hits the Starship Pain from the top of a steel cage (2011)
CM Punk tables Chris Jericho with a soaring elbow drop from the top turnbuckle (2012)
Brock Lesnar flies over the top rope while executing a tackle against John Cena (2012)
John Cena performs an Attitude Adjustment against Brock Lesnar onto steel steps (2012)
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