Your WWE Horoscope for 2013

SCORPIO (October 24 – November 22)

You are shrewd and astute and can be intensely vengeful – not a person to be crossed. Like any proud champion, you enjoy a great deal of success, but you’ve also made a great deal of enemies along the way. From a similar mold as Scorpio CM Punk, you’re adventurous and prefer to achieve your goals alone but know there are times to rely on colleagues for help. Throughout 2013, stages of intense financial pressure will enter the arena, perhaps making you feel like you’re caught in a Handicap Match with your finances.

Notable Superstars who share this sign: Rosa Mendes (October 25), CM Punk (October 26), Edge (October 30), Darren Young (November 2), Ryback (November 10), Tensai (November 14)