WWE September Horoscopes

SAGITTARIUS ( Nov. 23 - Dec. 21)

Palm trees? Check. Refreshing pool? Naturally. Unforgettable sunset? You know it. After soaking up a tropical locale as beautiful as exotic Sagittarius Summer Rae, try to retain the feeling you had while you were there. You know – the one that reminded you what’s truly important in life. This month is all about perspective. Don’t allow inconsequential matters to negatively influence your mood. Is it annoying that you’ve already poured a bowl of cereal before realizing there’s no milk? Absolutely. The end of the world, though? Hardly.

Notable Superstars who share this sign:
Summer Rae (Nov. 28), Jerry Lawler (Nov. 29), Christian (Nov. 30), Dean Ambrose (Dec. 7), Michael Cole (Dec. 8), Rey Mysterio (Dec. 11), Rob Van Dam (Dec. 18), “Stone Cold” Steve Austin (Dec. 18)

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