WWE November Horoscopes

SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22)

Drama continues to unfold around you. Mercifully, though, you’re in the calm eye of the hurricane as the winds of innuendo and humiliation whip around you. Faith and friendships are sent crashing like so much debris in the wake of a cruel rumor. And like any disaster, there’s plenty of cleanup to undergo in the aftermath. Although the landscape of your relationships may never be the same, like resilient Scorpio CM Punk, know that people are counting on you to help them rebuild by lending a hand. Be there.

Notable Superstars who share this sign:
Rosa Mendes (Oct. 25), CM Punk (Oct. 26), Edge (Oct. 30), Darren Young (Nov. 2), Chris Jericho (Nov. 9), Ryback (Nov. 10), Tensai (Nov. 14), Brie and Nikki Bella (Nov. 21)

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