WWE Love Horoscopes

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan. 20)

Careful what you wish for. Although you’ve finally reeled in a long-desired love interest, the thrill for you is in the hunt and not the catch. Once you settle into a relationship, the initial butterflies you feel always shed their wings. Regardless of how much effort you’ve invested, there’s no sense deepening the long-term pain by prolonging an unwanted romance. It’s true that, like the homeland of Swiss Superstar and conceited Capricorn Antonio Cesaro, there can be no romantic peaks without valleys. It’s equally true, though, that without a change of locale, you’re stuck with the same view. 
Notable Superstars who share this sign:
Sin Cara (Dec. 22), Antonio Cesaro (Dec. 27), Tamina (Jan. 10), “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan (Jan. 14), R-Truth (Jan. 19)

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