WWE Money Horoscopes

LIBRA (Sept. 24 - Oct. 23)

Remember that crazy idea for that one invention you had that you never pursued because, well, who ever really does? Yeah, well, it’s time to make that happen. That unique idea is your meal ticket, and this is your wake-up call. Whether it’s a beach umbrella that’s guaranteed never to blow away or a hat rimmed with an icepack for sweltering days, like industrious Libra The Miz, it’s time to get to work. As Thomas Edison famously said, “Genius is one percent inspiration, 99 percent perspiration.”
Lucky numbers: 9, 14, 29, 52, 70

Notable Superstars who share this sign:
Stephanie McMahon (Sept. 24), Curtis Axel (Oct. 1), Kaitlyn (Oct. 7), The Miz (Oct. 8), Dusty Rhodes (Oct. 11)

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