WWE Travel Horoscopes

CANCER (June 22 - July 22)

Time to get social. And no, we’re not talking about posting travel photos to Facebook. Instead, go out of your way to meet fellow explorers and locals alike. You’re guaranteed to encounter insightful and interesting characters at that next destination, and a smile is the only price you’ll pay for valuable tips. Want to know where to find the most delectable paella? A beach hidden from the maddening crowds? Work your charm much like irresistible Cancer Layla, and you’ll be living like a native in no time. 

Notable Superstars who also share this sign:
Layla (June 25), Matt Striker (June 26), Alicia Fox (June 30), Cody Rhodes (June 30), Bret Hart (July 2), Brock Lesnar (July 12), Heath Slater (July 15), Shawn Michaels (July 22)

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