Home Run Derby winner Yoenis Céspedes receives WWE Championship

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July 16, 2013

Oakland Athletics outfielder Yoenis Céspedes got more than just a trophy when he won the 2013 Home Run Derby: He also won a WWE Championship.

To clarify, Céspedes didn’t drop an Attitude Adjustment on Big Papi in centerfield to win his first WWE Title. No, the home run king doubled up on hardware when Baltimore Orioles outfielder Adam Jones presented him with the championship after the Derby – the very same title Jones himself received earlier this month as a gift from WWE.

Watch: Jones receives his title | Céspedes becomes champion

Jones’ plans to bequeath the title onto the Derby winner had been known for some time – although like all WWE Champions worth their salt, he hadn’t planned to give it up without a fight.

“I’m not giving it away,” Jones told CBSSports.com. “I might hit the winner with it. I’ll have a Hardcore Match, just provide a referee.”

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Jones specifically made mention of his teammate Chris Davis in the initial challenge, but happily for everyone involved, the transition was much more peaceful. Congratulations to Yoenis Céspedes, Home Run Derby winner and WWE Champion. Long may he reign.

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