Xavier Woods’ night of video games and sportsmanship

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January 23, 2014

In a Fatal 4-Way Match, I used Chris Jericho – because I'm jealous of his jacket – and defeated three opponents, highlighted by putting Roman Reigns through a flaming table with a Codebreaker. At that point, Matty was foaming at the mouth. He was full of rage and wanted to fight. Unfortunately, I had to leave the store to go to SmackDown.

It was established that after the show, I would come back to the store to face Matty in what was dubbed “The Midnight Main Event.” Upon my return, Matty and I were about to begin our match when the doors of the building were kicked open. There stood with a man with long flowing hair, blowing in the wind. Everyone watched in awe as he bypassed them and walked up to me. He said his name was Joe and I couldn't face the title holder without going through him since he was the true No. 1 contender.

The crowd ooo'd. Joe claimed that he was never knocked from this position and never received his title opportunity. If I wanted one, I had to take it from him. Jamie stood up from the commentary table and stated that the only way this could be settled was with a “Money in the Bank Money in the Bank Match.” I immediately asked why he said it twice and the crowd explained that in their league this is what the match is called. The victor wins a small Money in the Bank briefcase that they can cash in for the larger Money in the Bank briefcase which has the contract for a championship match inside of it. Hence, “Money in the Bank Money in the Bank.” I agreed and the match began.

I again chose Jericho – once more, due to my obsession with a jacket with lights in it – and Joe chose my real-life arch rival from high school, Cody Rhodes. After an intense back-and-forth battle, Rhodes fell to a Codebreaker, and Y2J climbed the ladder to retrieve the briefcase. I won and was crowned “Mr. Money in the Bank Money in the Bank,” next in line for a championship match against Matty.

Once I made my claim, the lights went out and CM Punk's music began to play. Matty, like a scene out of a movie, came around the corner with his championship and entirely new entrance attire. We faced off, and the lights came back on.

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