Xavier Woods’ night of video games and sportsmanship

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January 23, 2014

Recently, I asked the WWE Universe to tell me where the best video game stores are so I can visit when I'm in town. Several weeks ago, Jamie, the owner Game Underground (1251 Worcester Rd., Framingham, MA  01701 / @GameUnderground), contacted me on Twitter about checking out his establishment. I agreed and stopped by before last week’s SmackDown.

When I walked in, I met Jamie and he explained that for the past seven years, every Monday night they have many WWE fans come to the shop and they watch Raw together. They also play the latest WWE video game – “WWE 2K14” – and even have created their own competitive league.

They purchased a replica WWE Title that their champion bears to signify his dominance. They play “WWE 2K14” against each other and stream the matches online. During these bouts, commentators enhance the experience for those viewing around the world. There are cameras around the store so people watching online can see different angles of what's going on.

After this explanation, Jamie showed me around the store, which was filled with games, from Atari to PlayStation 4. There were old school arcade games, including “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” “Dance Dance Revolution,” “2DX,” and “Street Fighter.” It was literally a video game heaven … my heaven! I was introduced to the WWE fans who were in the “WWE 2K14” league, we took pictures and I signed autographs.

Then, I met him. He was the angriest 15-year old I've ever seen, a chip on one shoulder and a championship belt on the other. His name was Matty, and he exuded arrogance. He could talk trash with the best of them, and, to top it off, has been their champion for 14 consecutive months. He was out for blood! He knew I was coming and had been training, even claiming he could beat me with one hand tied behind his back. Everyone in the building booed him, as he had a horrible reputation as the most demeaning player in the league.

There were two things, however, that Matty didn't have: a loss on his record and the respect of his peers. He had a war cry that he would scream at his opponents while he dismantled them – “Yo-Mi, Yo-Mi, Yo-Mi!” He immediately issued a challenge to me, which I declined, as it would not have been fair to those in the league who are constantly struggling to gain a chance at the title. I told him that I needed to work my way up the ladder first to make things fair. And that is exactly what I did.

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