A new beginning for WWE

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July 11, 2013

The Performance Center’s significance also extends beyond the ropes, as Florida state executives spoke on the positive impact the facility will have on Florida’s state economy and on the WWE Universe itself.

"We think the opening of [the Center] is terrific news for our local economy,” said Orange County Commissioner Jennifer Thompson. “The presence of WWE makes Orlando a television mecca."

“WWE gives mothers time with their daughters, fathers with their sons, and friends together with friends," said Ken Goldstone, COO of Full Sail.

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At one point in the ceremony, Triple H and Goldstone teamed up to award a $10,000 “WWE Scholarship” check to Full Sail University graduate Felipe Giannazzo intended to help him start a life in the post-graduate world.

With its top-tier amenities, the Performance Center represents less an expansion of WWE’s umbrella than the very future of the sports-entertainment industry.

“[This is] years in the making, top facility,” said WWE Developmental trainer Bill DeMott. ”The evolution of this business continues and it starts today.”

“You are now looking at the guaranteed future success of WWE,” said Triple H.

The Game’s wife, WWE Executive Vice President Stephanie McMahon, echoed the 13-time World Champion’s statement. “This [Performance Center] is the future of our business,” said Stephanie, who also signified the Center’s opening by tolling the original ring bell from Madison Square Garden. “And the future is now.”

“I don’t think there’s anything in the NFL, NHL or NBA that can really outdo this facility put together here,” WWE Hall of Famer and NXT trainer Dusty Rhodes told WWE.com. “It’s a great opportunity for our young talent, it is the future of the WWE entertainment industry, and there’s everything here you need, man.”

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