WWE gets in the ring with milk for Protein Fight Club

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August 21, 2013

“When I was a teenager, trying to gain weight and put on muscle mass, I used to try to drink a gallon of milk a day,” Triple H revealed to WWE.com. “There’s so much protein in milk, it’s such a great nutritional source. For my wife and I now, with such a busy life, it’s such an easy way to complete our kids’ meals and their snacks, and make sure they’re getting all the nutrients they need.”

“My three girls get milk throughout the day. Our 5-year-old has to have milk the first thing in the morning before she even speaks,” Stephanie told WWE.com. “I can take comfort as a mom knowing that even if they don’t eat all of their vegetables or other parts of their meals, they’re getting that complete protein source when they drink their milk.”

Gleason’s, with its three rings and rich history, provided a unique setting for the Protein Fight Club launch. One of the most famous boxing gyms in the world, Mike Tyson and Jake LaMotta — the real life “Raging Bull” – all trained there. Even the great Muhammad Ali — then known as Cassius Clay — trained at Gleason’s for his legendary 1964 title fight against world heavyweight champ Sonny Liston. Plus, Tommy Dreamer, The Dudley Boyz, Tazz, Matt Striker and many others learned to wrestle there. The venue resonated with the eight-time WWE Champion, a longtime student of the combat sports.

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“I’m just excited to be here,” The Game explained to WWE.com. “Just about every world champion in boxing has walked through these doors and WWE Hall of Famer Johnny Rodz [runs his wrestling school] out of here, so Gleason’s Gym is an ideal place to launch Protein Fight Club. Boxing is such a great physical fitness activity and when you’re talking about nutrition, it’s a perfect match.”

When asked if Daniel Bryan could stand to use a little more milk in his diet, Triple H said, “I think he could. I think it might help his look. [Bryan’s] a little unkempt … and I think protein might help make his hair look nicer. He’s a heck of an athlete, but you can always improve and milk’s a good way to do it.”

For more on the new campaign, visit www.ProteinFightClub.com.

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