White Sox take cue from WWE with title gold

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September 23, 2012

Torborg and staff distribute the shirts, which equal membership in the “Hardcore Crew,” in a ritual of sorts, as the staff and the player cut the sleeves off together.

Take into account the following in the White Sox organization — catcher Pierzynski texted Jerry “The King” Lawler to wish him a speedy recovery on behalf of the team — it’s no surprise that players tend to go a little overboard when it comes to sports-entertainment.

“One time, we had a guy use smoke bombs and had the announcer on the field announce when he was coming out, and they did a whole wrestling shtick and presented the title,” the former Demon said. “The news crew was there to cover it. It’s become a very big deal.”

From Rasheed Wallace carrying the World Heavyweight Title in 2004 after the Detroit Pistons won the NBA Championship to Aaron Rodgers celebrating with the World Title after winning Super Bowl XLV (PHOTOS), sports teams have adopted title gold as often as possible.

The title craze is no fluke, though. Torborg thinks the reason is partly because of what the titles symbolize and their sheer size. Though a championship ring represents the goal of every professional athlete, it’s much harder to show off when compared to a championship like the White Sox titles.

“Everything goes back to WWE, I think,” Torborg said. “When you look and see, they’re the innovators. The title signifies that you’re the best in the world. And they’re the coolest-looking things that you can get.” 

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