WWE.com at the See No Evil red carpet

See No Evil red carpet coverage
By Brett Hoffman

WWE.com was live from the theatre in Anaheim to bring you an exclusive update from the red-carpet festivities at the See No Evil premiere.

10:00 p.m. PT
The star of See No Evil, Kane, has just arrived at the red carpet. He is wearing the ring attire which he wore in the ring at RAW tonight. He is making his way down the red carpet, stopping to glare at the fans and photographers.

At this point, all the Superstars and celebrities have entered the theatre. The fans are now entering the theatre and the movie will begin shortly.

WWE.com will be standing by as the stars exit the theatre to get their reaction to the film. Check back later tonight for a full recap of the event. 

9:45 p.m. PT
The WWE Superstars have continued to walk the red carpet. Matt Hardy, Carlito and Viscera are among those that have recently greeted the adoring fans. Former World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle is also on the red carpet, seemingly in a fighting mood as he poses for the cameras.

SmackDown's Tag Team Champions MNM are also in the house. They are wearing their trademark fur coats and hanging the Championship belts from their waistlines. WWE.com got a few words from the Tag Champions. "We are used to this kind of thing. Where we come from, this is a regular occurrence, so we are in our element."

JBL has just arrived in his trademark white limo. He is wearing his usual business suit, with the traditional white cowboy hat to top off the ensemble.

Kane's former partner Big Show has also arrived, wearing a custom made black suit and black sunglasses, looking sharp for the big event. He is signing autographs and taking pictures for the loud crowd.

The McMahon family has just pulled up in a large limo, and Mr. McMahon has exited the vehicle, flanked by his wife Linda, and pregnant daughter Stephanie. Mr. McMahon had a few words for the media. "This is a huge night for our company. We are all very excited, and very proud that we have finally arrived at this moment. We are all looking forward to seeing the movie," said the humbled Chairman.

At this point, only the star of the movie, Kane is yet to arrive. Stay tuned as WWE.com will report back upon his arrival.

9:10 p.m. PT
There is a big party feel at the theatre. The hundreds of fans that have gathered are excited, rowdy, and enjoying every minute of the festivities.

Local radio station Power 106's decked out party bus has just pulled up to the red carpet. A handful of WWE's beautiful Divas have just gotten off the bus including Victoria, Torrie, Candice, and two of the more bizarre "Divas", Goldust and Snitsky.

WWE.com pulled Candice Michelle aside for some quick comments. "I know this is a big night for the company and we all want to be a part of it," said the sparkling Diva.

The stars are all dressed to the nines tonight. Even the frequently underdressed Mick Foley is dressed up for the occasion, wearing a sharp black blazer. Foley had a few words for WWE.com. "I can't wait to see the movie, it should be a lot of fun."

8:30 p.m. PT
RAW has just wrapped up at the Arrowhead Pond, and the Superstars, including Kane, are making their last second preparations before heading to the red carpet.

The media has gathered at the Orange County theatre, lining up to take pictures and grab quotes from the celebrities and Superstars, who are expected to walk the red carpet into the theatre at any moment.


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