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In memory of Scott "Bam Bam" Bigelow

My heart aches to write that my longtime friend, "Bammer," has passed away. To see it in print makes me realize that it is not a dream and that yet another great person has gone home before his time.
I have great memories of "Bammer" going back to as far as the 1980's when we first became friends. Bammer spent countless nights training at my Wild Samoan Training Center. In the early stages of his career, I would have him stand in front of a mirror in the dressing room for 40 minutes before his match making ugly faces because he was such a kind soul and didn't know how to be mean. 
We traveled up and down the highways together spending so much quality time together during our careers. He was one of the first names that was booked on my oversea tours, and it's a blessing for me that we shared so many special times. Our families spent holidays together and "Bammer" performed on several of my WXW events throughout the years.
For a man of his size, he could move like a lightweight and was a fan favorite. He gave his all in the ring and fans appreciated his athletic talent.
It is a gift for me to know that Bammer felt that I was a Pops to him because I always thought of him as one of my kids. He will be missed by many people, and I am definitely one who will remember "Bammer" for the person he was in and out of the ring.
If I would have a chance to say good-bye to "Bammer," here is what I would tell him: have a safe journey home, son, and you will be in good company with all of the others who went before you. Rest in peace and we will meet again. I love you son.
Your Pops,
Afa "The Wild Samoan"

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