Michael Hayes reflects on Paul Bearer's passing

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March 07, 2013

WWE.com: What is a lesson the WWE Universe can learn from Paul Bearer’s life?

Hayes: Live your life and chase your dreams and enjoy the ride along the way. Sometimes we get so consumed with chasing our dreams we don’t enjoy the ride, and by the time we learn to enjoy the ride, the dream’s over.

WWE.com: What’s the funniest Paul Bearer story you can think of off the top of your head?

Hayes: There are just so many moments I don’t know how many of them you could print. One time we went to Florida, we were all renting rooms out of a place that Jimmy Garvin and his mother owned. Jimmy was working for the AWA. I had no idea why Jimmy offered to rent us anything because Jimmy had lived with us before and knew what it was all about. All of a sudden we pull up and Percy came running out of the house with Terry [Gordy], and Buddy [Roberts] is coming out. He’s getting a little pan of water and he’s filling it up with water, running it back in and throwing it on the house. I look at the house. The house is on fire and smoking and Terry goes, “Hey Perce, the whole house is on fire.” That was one of the funny ones.

There’ll be so many more that’ll come to mind. He was just a great guy and we need to cherish and celebrate his life, that’s what he would want. He wouldn’t want people mourning because he’d tell you there was nothing to mourn about. He loved his country music. He got to become friends with his favorite country artist George Jones. They kept in contact all the time. His life was blessed. It really was, and anybody who knew him, their life was touched, too.

WWE.com: Last thoughts for the WWE Universe on Paul Bearer?

Hayes: I don’t know, I think I’ve kind of said it all. Chase your dreams and enjoy the ride, and know you can be happy with the person that’s inside. That’s what he was. He never lost the spunk that drove him to become Percy Pringle, Paul Bearer. He never lost that drive.

Now don’t get me wrong, he could be an a-hole (laughs). He could be one of the grouchiest son of a guns ever and we all can be that way, but you live and learn from it. But I’m so proud I spent a good part of my life with him. And I think everybody out there who’s ever loved him, that’s mourning him now, that will remember him as we go on and respect his career should know that’s the way to honor him. Because that’s what he would like. He’d like to be remembered, and he’d like people to have loved his career, which is work of art.

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