Superstars unpackaged: 2013's action figure firsts

Antonio Cesaro

As a former United States Champion and one of the strongest pound-for-pound Superstars on the roster, the cocky Antonio Cesaro isn’t exactly easy to impress. However, even The Swiss Superman was taken aback when he caught a glimpse of the first-ever Elite-style Antonio Cesaro action figure, which joined two Mattel Basic Cesaros in the action figure aisle in 2013.

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“It’s got my trademark ‘Cesaro smirk,’” the Swiss “Real American” told of the figure, part of Mattel’s Elite Series 23. “The first time I saw it was somebody on Twitter — that’s @AntonioCesaro by the way — sent a picture of me during an entrance, and I thought, ‘I don’t remember that.’ Then I realized it was my [Elite] action figure in front of a self-made WWE set. That’s how accurate these figures are nowadays.”