They have the power: Superstars share "Masters of the Universe" memories

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November 02, 2012

Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston and Battle Cat

When discussing Masters of the Universe, Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston’s eyes light up immediately. We can’t necessarily say we’re surprised, as The Dreadlocked Dynamo has put his love for the franchise on full display through the years, from his Battle Cat gear debuted at Night of Champions 2011 to the Skeletor-infused attire he unveiled at Money in the Bank 2012. Kingston does, indeed, “have the power.”

“The gear has been been very, very popular, especially on Twitter,” Kingston told “I’ve gotten a lot of compliments. I think I’ve satisfied or satiated the ’80s babies out there, who are really appreciating the throwback tribute to Masters of the Universe.”

Kingston is not done with Masters of the Universe ring gear tributes. Although the character he’ll wind up channeling next is anyone’s guess, The Dreadlocked Dynamo will likely choose one of the lesser-known residents of Eternia.

“Masters of the Universe definitely has a cult following, and there are a lot of people who grew up in the ’80s who might not even know all of the characters,” Kingston explained. “If I were to do a He-Man theme, the colors aren’t necessarily bright enough [for my gear], and I couldn’t really put He-Man’s face on my tights to try to make it mine. There are a lot of characters in there that are kind of obscure. I’m not sure what the next one will be. I don’t really plan these things, they just sort of come to me.”

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