Mattel’s 2012 Holiday Hit List

Elite Zack Ryder action figure

Forget Rudolph, celebrate the holidays this year with Ryder the Hair-Gelled Broski! Mattel’s new Elite action figure of Zack Ryder is the most detailed version of Long Island Iced-Z yet. 

“It’s my favorite action figure I’ve ever had!” Ryder told “From head to toe, this figure is flawless. It’s got the removable headband, it’s got the shades, every detail on the boots and the gear is accurate, and most importantly, it’s got my Internet Championship.

“I am the longest-reigning champion in WWE. I’ve been the ‘Internet Champion’ for way longer than CM Punk’s been WWE Champion! So the fact that this figure comes with the Internet Title is SSSIIICCCKKK!”