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The Secret Skills of the Superstars

The Secret Skills of the Superstars

Secret Skill: Saxophone
CM Punk

“I want to say I started playing in the fifth grade. I picked the saxophone because as far as rentals went it was the cheapest. I chose an alto, and it was also the wind instrument that sounded most like the human voice, which I thought was very interesting. Reading sheet music was the hardest part about it, though. If you were into punk rock in the mid-1990s, then chances are you were also into third-wave ska music. I just liked it—you could shake and dance around in a different way than you could a hardcore show. What’s not to like about that? So to make a short story even shorter, many years ago, before I started this career, I briefly played with a local band called Hot Stove Jimmy. You’ve probably never heard of them. Their sound could be categorized as Chicago jump-up ska, from that very same third-wave ska revival. I was friends with a lot of guys in the band. One day, their saxophone player moved to Denver and, as a joke, the drummer asked, ‘do you still have your trumpet?’ even though I played the sax. They told me to bring it to practice. I wound up practicing with them but never too seriously. Eventually, they told me I wasn’t that good. That was fine; I was going to be a wrestler anyway. I’m sure I’ll play again someday. I can probably play whatever, a little of this or a bit of that. I was never very good at reading sheet music, but if I can hear it I can probably figure it out. The question was posed to me, ‘If you had to name a ska band after a wrestler, what would you call it?’ The answer to that question is an easy one. Skamala, of course!”

The Secret Skills of the Superstars

Secret Skill: Criminology
Drew McIntyre

“When I picked up criminology, it was a new course at the time at university, so I was a guinea pig. My class has about 20 girls, me and another guy. I assumed it would be mostly guys for criminology. But no, it was mostly girls; they weren’t even that hot. The greatest difference between crime in Scotland and crime in America is that less people get shot and more people get stabbed. Most people survive. It’s generally a bottle to the head here and there. Some people could make a lot of money by doing studies of the guys in our locker room. CM Punk, for example, shows criminal tendencies. He never sleeps, has shifty eyes. He’s very intelligent. It’s been suggested that David Otunga, with his Harvard degree, and I form a tag team called, ‘Law & Order.’ I don’t think we would call it that. I think we’d call it something more awesome. But I could see us as a team. I could get in trouble and he could save me each and every time.”

The Secret Skills of the Superstars

Secret Skill: Scrapbooking
Vickie Guerrero

“I started scrapbooking when my oldest daughter was five years old, and I’ve been doing it for close to 22 years. Instead of keeping photos in a shoebox, scrapbooking is a great way to preserve them in a book you can pass down from generation to generation. When I talk to my customers and they’re able to tell their stories, that means a lot to them. For me to be able to transfer that into a book and to see how happy they are with it—that’s a big reward. Technology is always changing. And now I’m into digital printing. I can work with customers online, and Skype with them. It’s funny, because they’ll call to say, ‘I just found more pictures. Can I add some?’ My golden rule is: Once I have a consultation, I can’t go back and keeping adding pages. One book, like the one you are looking at, takes about three months. My next step, after I finish in WWE, and my dream is to open up a store in El Paso. For now, check out myvickieguerrero.com.”

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