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"WWE Magazine" wants your Burning Questions!

Got questions? WWE Magazine will get the answers, 1,001 of them, in fact! Ask us anything about WWE - Superstars past and present, how to work here, your merchandise collection, anything at all - and we'll do the research, then publish your questions and the answers in our upcoming "WWE Magazine's 1,001 Burning Answers!" Special Issue, on newsstands June 29.

To submit your "Burning Questions" to WWEUniverse.com, click here.

Which WWE Superstar chops the hardest? What is the rarest WWE action figure of all time? How can I land a summer internship at WWE? No matter what burning questions you've got, we're here to answer them. WWE Magazine is compiling our first-ever "1,001 Burning Answers!" Special Issue, inside which will be the answers to 1,001 of the WWE Universe's most-heated questions!

But to do that, we need to unleash the power of the WWE Universe. click here to go to the forums at WWEUniverse.com, where you'll find 12 topic areas under which we're looking for the toughest, hardest, coolest questions imaginable.

This is your chance to ask anything you like about WWE, so go for it. Ask one question; ask a hundred -just be sure to check out "WWE Magazine's 1,001 Burning Answers!" Special Issue on June 29 to see if your question is championship material.

To submit your "Burning Questions" to WWEUniverse.com, click here.

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